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Path: Home Saridaki Paris 1919 - Athens 1957
Paris 1919 - Athens 1957
Written by Ioannis   

After the Great War in 1919 Allied Games took place in Paris in the  Persing Stadium (The inter-allied games Paris 22/6/1919-6/7/1919).

The three Saridaki brothers Albert, Jules and Pierre gathered together during the games. Albert as a member of the American mission and Pierre as Footballer of the Greek delegation, as reported on the homonymous book (page 451 No 2225 Soccer)

This was pronounced in the memory and the emotion was great, since Albert had left the Thessaloniki in 1912 having permanently settled down in the U.S.A.

The subsequent (and last) time the three brothers gathered together was in 1957 in Athens.

As early as in 1950 the "bad transformation" of the old to modern city of Thessaloniki had started with the silting of the beach of Rue de la Campagnes, the abolition of the tramway and the demolition of buildings, mansions and villas that had been giving colour and splendour to a cosmopolitan city of the past. Legacies of the past that  no longer fit within the narrow boundaries of the nation state of Greece had to be canceled.


Left to right:

  1. the Persing Stadium
  2. the medal of Pierre Saridaki
  3. Julius, Albert, Pierre Saridaki and Jakob Bensounsan