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Path: Home d'Orlando Vincenzo d'Orlando
Vincenzo d'Orlando
Written by alberto   

Vincenzo was born in Torre del Greco (Naples) in 1881 and got married with Giuseppina Lanzuolo in november 1906, at the age of 25.


Two years after he leaves the family to reach his brother Michele in Boston, USA. Vincenzo claims to work as "waiter" as it appears in the military draft cards of 1918 and 1942, as well as in the naturalization applications signed in 1937 and 1940.


In 1942, as it shows in the following draft card, he's employed in a certain "Orland Club" in New York City.



He dies in Naples in 1960, after having obtained his US passport less than one year before. He does not seem to have had any other family in the US, but he never got in touch with his wife and his son in Italy through all his life.


Note for the US family diggers

Vincenzo's brother, Michele (Michael) has been living in New York City and had six children:

  • Filomena - Nov 9th, 1899
  • Raffaele (Ralph) - June 17th, 1901
  • Maria (Mary) - July 3rd, 1903
  • Gennaro - Dec 17th, 1905
  • Antonio (Antony) - Nov 4th, 1907
  • Alberto (Albert) - Jan 8th, 1915

Any of them in your family tree ?