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Marie Saridaki
Écrit par Ionnis   
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Marie Saridaki was born in 1852 in Salonique, was the daughter of Emmanuel Saridakis from Chandakas (Crete) and Epiphania or Fanny (Gliubich) (1813-1897) from Salonique.

He was sister of Antoine Saridaki and Jean-Pierre Francois Saridaki. After the death of her first husband she married Edouard d'Andria Interpreter at the Consulate General of Romania in Salonique . She died in 1917. The granddaughter of Edouard d'Andria Maria Dantria worked at the American Consulate in Thessaloniki and later in the Society for Macedonian Studies. Is buried in the family tomb of Gliubich Saridaki in the catholic cemetery of St Vincent de Paul.

On the photo of Marie Saridaki and Edouard d'Andria in 1882 and Edouard d'Andria in the 1940s, the list of 1911 consulates, which is the name of Edouard d'Andria at the Consulate General of Romania in Salonique.