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Path: Home Saridaki Jean Pierre François
Jean Pierre François
Written by ioannis   

Jean Pierre Francois Saridaki was born on 21 June 1856 in Salonica.

He is the son of Emmanuel Saridakis, from Candia (Crete), and Fanni Francoise Gliubich (1813-1897) from Salonica. Jean Pierre marries Josephine Weisskopf (1858-1923) from Kupferberg, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire, today called Medenec, Czech Republic.

Josephine was the daughter of Daniel Weisskopf and Theresia Kupperscmidt. Jean Pierre was a merchant and traveled constantly in the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. He build up the house in the Rue de la Campagne of Salonique, the current Vassilissis Olga in the area of Salamina.



Jean Pierre and Josephine had eight children:

  • Fanny Theresia Maria (1882-1884)
  • Emmanuel (1883 -)
  • Marie Therese Carolina (1886-1950)
  • Jules Dominique Pierre (1888-1960)
  • Therese Josephine Dominique (1889-1894)
  • Hugo (1891-1947- see topic)
  • Albert Oscar Edmond (1894-1982)
  • Pierre Joseph Jean (1896-1962)








Jean Pierre was killed in a gunfight in Uskup, in Macedonia, today's Skopije (FYROM), at the age of 43 and was buried on 31/7/1899 in the family grave "FAMILLES GLIUBIC, SARIDAKI" in the Catholic cemetery of Salonica.




         Josephine Weisskopf Saridaki