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The Wessely family originates from Moravia, an historical region in central Europe in the east of the Czech Republic, one of the former Czech lands. It takes its name from the Morava River which rises in the northwest of the region.

The main city of the region is Brno, in those times named BrĂ¼nn. The two places whose name appears in the documents are Slaup (now Sloup) and Walchov (see picture, now Valchov).




Locate Valchov and Sloup (few km SSE of Valchov) - Zoom in (clic on "-" few times) for a better understanding of the geographical area.



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1 Joseph Wessely alberto 2263
2 Clarissa Wessely Fesch alberto 2299
3 Giovanni & Ferdinando Wessely alberto 1600
4 Enrico Wessely alberto 1643