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the Fesch arms


Family of craftsmen, probably original of Brisgovia (Breisgau). The first chronicles of the family report a Hugo Väsch, living in Freiburg in the year 1388, followed by his son Heintzmann, stone-cutter by trade, who moves to Basel, Switzerland, in 1404, finally obtaining  the citizenship of this town in 1409. Ninety years later, in 1494, the Fesches begun to make part of the City Council.




Note: For more information of this huge family please visit the website of Urlich Stroux, Munich and specially THIS and THIS page



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1 the origins alberto 1764
2 Joseph Fesch, the Cardinal alberto 4497
3 the "triestino" branch alberto 1945
4 Emil Fesch alberto 2354
5 Milosch von Fesch alberto 2011
6 Reginald Fesch alberto 1849