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During our restless researches we came across a number of "other" families. We are collecting in this section some of the most significative traces of such persons and situations that populated the life and the world of our ancestors. 

Needless to say, the message in the bottle ... is floating for them also !






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1 Emilio Neri nadia 2063
2 the soldiers of Skhirat, Morocco nadia 6127
3 Georges Lapierre nadia 2489
4 Ulysse Summa nadia 2270
5 Jacobo Teresi nadia 1875
6 François Astolfi nadia 1944
7 Peter et Félicia Chasseaud nadia 1844
8 Pietro Neri nadia 1675
9 Gabriel Lafont nadia 2004
10 Paolo Rossi nadia 2365
11 Franc Stipić alberto 5488